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Pangea Pioneers Plantable Packaging With Personality

Joshua Onysko
CEO & Founder, Pangea Organics
May 23rd, 2008
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I was sitting in the Chicago o’hare airport on a very delayed flight, finding myself watching the TV, something I never do. I was watching nightline and they were interviewing a design firm and they were having them redesign the American shopping cart in 72 hours. I was very impressed with the process that was taken to get the results that were found and implemented. The design firm was IDEO. When I got home I called them to try and schedule a meeting just to meet some people there. At this point I was just a soap company with two employees with annual sales of just about 150k.

A few months later I got a call back. I happened to be in SF visiting my girlfriend at the time and I went down there and got a tour and told the business development person, Dan Bomze the story of Pangea, he quickly went and got a writer and a designer and a few more people, I told the story to them as well. A few weeks later I got an email from Dan expressing IDEO’s interest in branding Pangea. After a few rounds of negotiations we struck a deal. Coming to the plate with many concepts and ideas myself, they partnered me with two designers a writer and a materials expert, together the Pangea Organics brand was found. Earlier that year I was sitting in Joshua Tree National Park for my annual visionary meeting with myself when I decided to introduce the concept of plantable packaging to the world. It took two years but finally we found success.

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Personality Means Giving People A Reason To Talk

Andy Sernovitz
Author, Blogger & Co-Founder of WOMMA
May 20th, 2008

“Good products and services are like brushing your teeth. You’re expected to do it every day. You don’t get extra credit.” — paraphrasing Geoffrey Moore

We don’t talk about companies that we like. We don’t talk about companies that deliver quality service, day in and day out, for a reasonable price. We expect that. You’ve never called a friend and said “Did you know that Ritz hotels are really nice?” You need to g