There is no more apparent demonstration of professional personality, than in the outward expression of what we, as business owners, believe and what we stand for. But of course, opinions are like…um, pick a body part. Everyone has one. And more than ever before, we have seemingly endless avenues to share our opinions with anyone willing to listen. Just look at the airwaves, the internet and the newsstand. From call-in talk shows and other broadcast “gab-fests,” to e-zines, chat rooms, My Space, YouTube and the explosion of internet blogs, everyone has something to say – and they’re fighting to get their voice heard.

The glut of voices in the marketplace creates even greater challenges for organizations and professionals looking to build and promote their brand in the marketplace. Too many in business are looking to differentiate themselves by discovering the “secret formula” to get the microphone or camera turned in their direction. Well, I hate to break it to you – but there isn’t a secret formula. The answer, in fact, is right in front of you on the air, online and in newspaper columns across America every day – you just have to pay attention and r